Seems like there’s been no free time over the last few weeks to write anything. So in an effort to free up space on my whiteboard as well as complete my civic duty to write on my blog, here are some startup/entrepreneurial quotes that I’ve found interesting enough to write down. Put your own recent favorites in the comments.

What makes a company brilliant? Simplicity and clarity from idea to execution. Sureness of self, reflected in the company’s success and presence.” Amy Cosper, Editor of Entrepreneur Magazine

If you’re not the best at something then you’re the best at nothing and you’ve got no chance.” Jason Mendelson, Managing Partner Foundry Group

If you started today would you build the same product.” Chris Dixon, Hunch Founder

My one repeated learning in life: ‘There are no adults”, everyone is making it up as they go along. Figure is out yourself and do it.” Navel Ravikant, eOpinions Founder

Entrepreneurs need to have this unique ability to have their eyes to the sky, but their feet planted firmly on the ground.” Eric Paley, Managing Partner Founder Collective

Team First, product second, profit third.” Not sure who said this – probably Steve Blank.

Marketing in startups is the best performing, largest volume, and lowest cost advertising. Spend 80% of you time tweaking features and 20% build new ones. Guess what you think people will do and measure against that.” Dave Mcclure

Because until you build it who cares?” Jason Mendelson, Managing Partner Foundry Group

When you find yourself in a low point, when you find yourself frustrated, confused, before you make decisions, make sure you get some rest.” Brad Feld Managing Partner Foundry Group

Remember it always takes longer and costs more than you expect.” My dad