Friday Video: A Champion’s Speech

August 13, 2010

On Fridays I sometimes struggle to get through the day. I hope someday soon we can move to the 4-day work week and take Friday’s off altogether. But if you’re in the office today check out the Jerry Rice speech from his induction into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame last week. Jerry Rice holds about 50 NFL records, and by some is considered the greatest football player ever. There are some great quotes, but here is my favorite:

The feel of failure is the engine that has driven me throughout my entire life.”

The reason nobody caught me from behind was because I ran scared.”

(about other receivers) “You’re going to have to work so hard to get to where I am and if you can pay that price you deserve it.”

Here’s a great video showing career highlights at the beginning, and then an interview done with Steve Young.

Rice’s full Hall Of Fame speech here. It gets going about the 4:30 mark.


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