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Working with Super Bowl MVP Steve Young

September 10, 2010

Today we (Vaporware Labs) released our latest product Steve Young Football available on iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Our experience working with Steve prompted this post which originally appeared on our company blog.


One of my earliest memories is my dad taking my brother and I to attend a celebrity golf tournament in Clearwater Florida. I still remember meeting athletes and sports figures, but my most vivid memory is of Jim Rice being a complete jerk! I was a huge fan of the Boston All-Star until I asked for his autographic and he acted like we wasted his time. The majority of my experience with athletes since then had been similar to Jim Rice; until we started working with Steve Young.

From the beginning Steve’s attitude has been nothing short of incredible. He has provided great ideas to improve the game as well as the overall launch and marketing. He’s impacted our vision throughout development as he is graciously donating all of his proceeds to the Forever Young Foundation. This organization was started by Steve 15 years ago and helps needy kids around the world get the medical and physical help they need to live a healthy life.

When we presented the ideas for the UPS-whiteboard style spoof videos (videos go live here next week), Steve looked them over and took control. He changed the themes, put on own personal humor and spin, and took them to the next level.

The Director invited his mom (a huge Steve Young fan) to the production studio for the shoot. She had no idea he was coming. After making him aware of the situation he burst into action surprising her, giving her a big hug, and talking to her at length. Throughout the shoot he continued to interact with her, asking her after each take if he’d done his job correctly.

Steve and Brian's mom (#1 SY fan)

In my years at Electronic Arts and EA Sports I’ve never seen an athlete act this way; not by a long shot. But this is how all my interactions with Steve have been throughout this process.

To me this is what continues to make him a major influence to the NFL and the community. He’s an extraordinarily gifted and talented guy, who acts just like a completely normal person does. It’s refreshing to see someone you’ve always looked up to and admire, act just the way you had always hoped they would if you ever got the chance to meet them.

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