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Is Quora Stroking Tech Blogging Egos?

January 6, 2011

One of the smartest marketers I know once told me that developers often have the best marketing ideas. He was right. Possibly a great example of it, is what Quora is doing to drive massive amounts of buzz and traffic about themselves. No marketing director needed, just a bunch of world class engineers thinking of great ideas to get the Valley buzzing about how major their product is.

Has anyone else thought it funny that blogger, after blogger, after blogger, after blogger is getting mad followers on Quora right now?  Could it all just magically happen at once? Was there a massive tipping point a few days ago to unleash the user masses on the blogging elite? Has a dam burst in the soft fabric internet cloth? Maybe, but maybe not. Let me tell you why.

I have a couple of friends that work for the top five Silicon Valley tech blogs. They have Quora accounts. While they rarely use them, the accounts are associated with their major tech blog employers. Over the last few weeks, for seemingly no reason, the Quora followers started rolling in. Emails all day long about people wanting to ‘Follow’ their every word. Huh that’s funny.

So why does a journalist who never uses his Quora account start getting insane amounts of followers seemingly from no where? Ah, the beauty of marketing.

What do you think his reaction was? Naturally he wants to get all up in Quora’s business and start answering questions, not to mention blog about it anyway possible. And these guys are not alone. In the past week, some of the top tech bloggers have mentioned Quora more than 50 times on their Twitter feed! Can you imagine? Brilliant marketing – or brilliant luck. This is award winning, Old Spice caliber stuff.

What a savvy strategy. Target the top tech bloggers from all the major outlets, drive lots and lots of Followers to their accounts, and watch the press coverage roll in. Plus right as the new year begins be crowned the early favorite startup of 2011? Can I make it any more clear? Or maybe it’s all just a big coincidence – luck perhaps. The New Year’s startup tipping point spoken of in the Bible? It’s possible I suppose.

Brilliant marketing via some brilliant engineers. But even if it’s completely unintentional, it’s a great idea for a startup out there to consider.

*PS: I like Quora too and have for a while.