A couple of months ago I posted a question on Quora called, “What’s the best way to get a meeting with Never Eat Alone author Keith Ferrazzi?” For those that don’t know him, he’s one of the leading relationship experts in the world. His book Never Eat Alone was a big inspiration for our project Commonred.

That’s when the Quora underlords (perhaps a bit strong) joined the conversation. How/why they found this question I’ll never know. Rest assured it’s way down at the bottom of the moderation list.

The question stands: where is the line for a company to maintain the integrity of their product’s purpose, and just chill out? Not sure but Quora crossed it on this one. My personal philosophy is to always air on the side of being chill because in the grand scheme of life, how important really is your startup?

See the response and conversation below. A small ‘big ups’ to Chelsea Henry for responding in the first place. She’s merely a pawn in the great game of startup chess. Don’t worry Chelsea, I’m not even a piece on the board so at least you’re that much.