I got this email tonight from someone that was invited to join Commonred via a ‘friend’ invitation. I’ve learned that people are generally nice. If they act stupid it’s best just to ignore it and carry on. Here is an exchange with an angry potential user tonight. It’s amazing:

Bill: If you do nothing in life….never email me again.

Me: Ha. Your friend sent this to you not me. Maybe you should follow his advice. :) I can find you someone to dramatically help your business or your money back – oh wait accounts are free. What are you looking for and how can I help?

Bill: Impressive you wrote back Derek, I can appreciate that.  I took a jab because the individual that sent that correspondence is the furthest thing from a friend or acquaintance.  As for you, best of luck with your business!
Me: Haha. Well very sorry to hear that. I’ll remove you. Offer still stands. If you need help with finding someone let me know.
Bill: Thanks Derek, best of luck!
I have had a few like this, but this is the best. He’ll be back – just give him a few months.